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Picture:  Mike Graf at Yosemite Falls

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Meet Local Author Mike Graf
Bay Views and More...March 2015

National Park Realistic Fiction Series
is a Hit with Roadschoolers

Radio Interview December 2014

Radio Interview with Francesca Rheannon
 October 2014 on Writer's Voice

Francesca Rheannon of Writer's Voice:

The US is rich in spectacular national parks, like Yellowstone, Yosemite and Smokey Mountain. But there are many lesser known parks that easily rival the big ones in beauty — places like Acadia in Maine and Grand Teton in Wyoming.

During a camping trip this past summer to Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks, Francesca met childrens’ book author Mike Graf. A former elementary school teacher, Graf is the author of a series of adventure books for kids set in National Parks — twelve so far — published by Falcon Guides.

Gorgeously photographed, the books feature the fictional Parker family and their outdoor adventures — like rock climbing in Grand Teton or exploring undersea wildlife near Acadia. Mike Graf’s award-winning Adventures With The Parkers series is a great way for kids — and grownups — to learn about the history, geology and animals of the parks, as well as get an idea of fun things to do when there. We talk with Mike Graf about two of the guides, To The Top of The Grand, about Grand Teton and Eye of The Whale, about Acadia.

Author Visits

     Are you interested in having an author visit your school? My author visits offer a variety of small and  large group programs including:  writing workshops, weather, GATE instruction, national park stories, and literacy nights, among other topics.

     "If you are interested in inviting an author to your school, you should invite Mike Graf!  Lincoln Elementary School in Yuba City, CA has been hosting an Author Day for nearly two decades and the response to Mike Graf's visit was by far the most enthusiastic, well-received, and positive feedback we have had in all that time.  Mike captivated our students and staff during his presentations with his own amazing experiences and how he incorporates those into his books.  After the assemblies with Mike, I kid you not, our students were begging us to write." - Nancy Teague, Third Grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary, Yuba City, CA

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Author Visit- Mariposa Elementary School, CA


Mike Graf with students Kansas City, MO

Class Presentation- Kansas City, MO

 Adventures with the Parkers!
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FalconGuides Poster of Adventure with the Parkers 12 Book Series

Series Review
Carolyn Gillette, Librarian, Dubois Public Library, Dubois, WY

     "We are thrilled to have your National Parks books in our library.  They are part of who we are and why we live here. I have been in indoor and outdoor education for 25 years starting with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and then in the public schools.  Currently I am the Dubois Children's Librarian. Your series is beautifully designed and engaging for all ages.  The combination of illustrations, photographs threaded together with a great story line  is perfect.  It may well encourage young writers to create travel logs of their own!  Can't wait to see the book on the Tetons!  Thank you for the great addition to our library!"

My Yosemite:
A Guide for Young Adventurers

Book Cover: My Yosemite

A complete guide to Yosemite National Park for  young adventurers and their families.

Yosemite Conservancy     Ages 8 - 13

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Press Release!

     I hope you enjoy the following article from the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

First it’s an adventure, then a book

Author talks to students about writing, parks.


Although 11-year-old Henry Hershock hadn’t read Mike Graf’s books on a family’s adventures in the national parks, he planned to after hearing the author speak Monday.

Graf, a California writer for kids and young adults, has written 12 “realistic fiction” novels set in parks across the country. He spoke this week to pupils at Colter and Wilson elementary schools.

“It’s cool to have an author come into our school,” Colter fifth-grader Hershock said. “It’s neat that just because we live where we do we get to be in a book.”

Henry and his classmates were transported to several national parks during Graf’s hourlong presentation, which was jam-packed with facts. The writer and part-time TV weathercaster shared his writing tips and techniques with the students and also talked about how the parks have changed over time.

“National parks are places in our country that are so unique and beautiful people decided to protect them forever,” Graf said.

He spends two weeks in each place he plans to write about. He hikes, backpacks and talks to rangers, he told the students. He brings his tape recorder everywhere to record notes and observations.

“This is my favorite writing instrument,” he said, holding up his small silver recorder.

He calls his series “realistic fiction” because his characters are not real, but he does his best to provide lots of true information about each place.

“I put made-up characters in real life situations in my parks,” he said. “My job as an author is to take you there.”

The family in his books, the Parkers, consists of the mother, Kristen, father, Robert, and fraternal 9-year-old twins Morgan and James.

Something that’s not fair, Graf said, is that every year he writes a novel he is older but his characters remain the same age. What’s even more unfair, he said, is that he actually gets to visit the parks he’s writing about while his fictional family does not.

Graf climbed Half Dome in Yosemite so he could write about his two kid characters climbing it in his book “Harrowing Ascent of Half Dome: Yosemite National Park.”

That book also tells the story of the first wheelchair-bound person to climb Half Dome, Mark Wellman, who Graf interviewed. Wellman climbed the dome with special equipment — his trip to the top was accomplished by doing 9,000 pull-ups, Graf said.

He also talked about hiking in the Grand Canyon, which often can’t be done during the day because it’s too hot.

The other places he talked about were Mount Rushmore National Monument and the Great Smoky Mountains, Olympic, Glacier, Arches, Zion, Acadia, Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

Glacier National Park is known for its glaciers and geography formed by glaciers, Graf said.

In 10 years, however, scientists say there will be no glaciers left, Graf told the students.

“Why are the glaciers going away?” he asked the kids.

“Global warming,” a girl answered.

He talked of his experiences climbing the Grand Teton and told students the story of Grizzly 399 and her daughter 610, and how 610 claimed one of 399’s cubs after a fight with a male bear.

“It became a grizzly adoption and made national news, so I put it in my story,” Graf said.

Fifth-grader Rain Oakley, 11, was enchanted by Graf’s talk.

“I thought it was really interesting,” she said. “It makes me want to go visit” the parks.

Teton County Library Foundation sponsored Graf’s visit to the Colter and Wilson schools.

“It’s such a fun connection to us living here near two great national parks,” Colter librarian Melissa Brumsted Snider said.

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